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Oil seed radish: from 500 kg.

4.35 Br

From 500 kg.


Oilseed radish is a crop that grows in different soils. Her closest relatives are radishes and radishes. This plant can be seen everywhere in the vastness of both Belarus and Russia. Oil radish is used as green manure, honey plant and fodder crop. The main purpose of green fertilizers is to loosen the soil, heal and enrich it with organic matter. One of the first places for growing as a green manure is the oil radish, which meets all the above requirements. The oil radish is especially valued as a green manure for its ability to quickly build up green mass even in a cold period. Conditions on land plots differ in the level of fertility, soil reaction, the presence of weeds, light, water and temperature conditions. For certain conditions, suitable green manure crops are selected. It is difficult to find the ideal option, but the oilseed radish siderat is the most suitable plant. The radish has many leaves that stick well to the stems. Looking from above at it, when it has grown, the soil layer is not visible. Ordinary and viable weeds, such as ragweed and wheatgrass, do not coexist next to it. Having sown it, summer residents “forget” about wheatgrass with its developed rhizomes, since the essential oils that secrete the leaves and flowers of the oil radish will still destroy the weed. The oil radish has long roots. They penetrate deep into the soil layer, transporting nutrients to the surface. The plant is not afraid of frost, drought, grows even in the shade and loves an abundance of moisture. If summer residents forget to water it, and there is no precipitation, developed roots will take it in deep layers. Both with early and late planting, the culture will not disappear, it takes deep roots and grows quickly. The main feature of the oil radish is its unpretentiousness. It adapts to any weather, temperature and soil composition.


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