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Agrostis: from 500 kg.

39.50 Br

From 500 kg.


Agrostis decorates many lawns. It can grow on any soil, but it grows especially well on peat or sandy soil. It grows slowly, resulting in a beautiful green carpet. The field bent is a perennial plant that has a creeping root, thin foliage. If you mow the lawn on which this plant is grown, then a green, dense carpet is formed through which weeds do not penetrate.
Polar grass does not grow quickly. For this reason, this crop is often grown to plant greenery in a small area. This perennial plant is used to create lawns that decorate the suburban area.
This plant will germinate for 3-6 years. After the shoots have appeared, a month must pass for the bushes to form. This culture does not grow up, but to the sides. It forms creeping shoots on which antennae appear. They take root after a while. This species of bent leaves has thin, beautifully shaped leaves. After rooting, new bushes begin to develop, and then form new shoots. With proper care, watering for the whole summer, one bush can grow by 25% of a square meter. Ultimately, the bent leaves a grassy carpet of many tiers.
This plant will not only become a decoration, but also a strengthening. Many people plant this plant in pots and hang it near the house. It looks original, not inferior to the beauty of other curly flowers. In addition, bent grass is ideal for creating a lawn that does not require much maintenance. This crop grows well in different soils, but it is recommended to fertilize it for better plant development. The rhizome of the bent field does not go deep into the ground, so the culture needs constant moisture. There are situations when, due to drought, the plant is able to dry out. But do not worry, because after the rain it will turn green again. It is better to plant the bent in a sunny area, since its development will slow down in the shade.


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