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Red fescue: from 500 kg.

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From 500 kg.


Red fescue (lat.Festuca rubra) is a species of perennial herbaceous plants of the genus Festuca (Poaceae).
Red fescue is a good pasture plant. On moist sandy loam soils, it produces a herbage of up to 60 cm and 1.5-2 tons of hay per hectare.
Perennial plants 20-70 cm tall, with creeping rhizomes or almost without them, and then forming a fairly dense turf. Stems are straight or ascending at the base, smooth, less often rough.
Leaf blades are 0.1-0.3 cm wide, in basal leaves usually folded lengthwise, in stem leaves they are usually flat, narrow-linear, without ears at the base.
Panicles up to 10 cm long, more or less spreading during flowering, later compressed, with short and slightly spikelet twigs. The lower floral scales are lanceolate, glabrous or short-haired, passing into a straight spine at the apex.
Flowering in late spring and early summer.


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