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Alfalfa: from 500 kg.

16.20 Br

From 500kg.


Alfalfa (Latin Medicago) is a genus of annual and perennial grasses or semi-shrubs of the legume family (Fabaceae), uniting 103 species. Representatives of the genus mainly live in the Mediterranean region.
Most alfalfa species belong to the group of polycarpic plants, in which, after fruiting and seed ripening, the upper part of the shoots dies off, and the buds and shortened shoots (crown) in the basal part remain viable and serve as organs of renewal. New shoots at the beginning of growth in spring or after cutting use the plastic substances previously accumulated by the plant. Branches are formed from the stem buds located in the axils of the leaves of the main stems. The shape of the alfalfa bush corresponds to the shape of the crown.
Alfalfa is used in agriculture as livestock feed, it is harvested for hay and hay flour is made from it.


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