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Awnles brome Rump: from 500 kg.

7.80 Br

From 500 kg.


Awnles brome Rump (Latin Brōmus inērmis) is a species of monocotyledonous plants of the Bromus genus of the Poaceae family. The plant was first described in 1761 by the German botanist Friedrich Wilhelm von Leisser.
A perennial plant with a long rhizome. Stem 60-100 cm in height.
Leaf blades 4-10 mm wide, dark green in color.
Inflorescence – panicle, 15-20 cm long.
Life expectancy is 5-7 years; can reach 10-20 years in floodplain areas.
Economic value and application
A valuable forage crop cultivated for hay and green fodder. It is widely used on long-term pastures


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