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Cocksfoot: from 500 kg.

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From 500 kg.


The hedgehog, or common, is a perennial herb of the cereal family. Distributed in Europe, Africa and extratropical Asia. It is planted as a hay and pasture plant. Used in landscape design. A plant with thick creeping roots close to the soil surface. Straight green stems 25–125 cm long. The flat gray-green leaves are pointed at the end. The leaf plate is jagged. The edge of the leaf is smooth and sharp. The hedgehog team grows on sandy and loamy soils. It grows in floodplain meadows, edges of deciduous forests, wastelands, along roads and water bodies. Found in steppes and mountains. Light green panicle inflorescence, narrow and dense at the base. Closely crowded spikelets are located one-sided, compressed towards the middle. The flower scales are deformed. The fruit is an elongated weevil 1.5–2.5 mm long. Flowering lasts from mid-June to late July. The seeds ripen in early August. The leaves and stems of hedgehogs contain fiber, starch and sugar. The chemical composition of the plant includes sodium, copper, iodine and manganese. Thanks to its nutrients, the herb is used to make feed additives for farm animals.

The culture has the following advantages: • The hedgehog is frost-resistant, withstands temperatures as low as -40 ° C.

• Tolerates drought, does not suffer from spring floods and flooding.

• Provides 2-3 cuttings per year. Grows up in 2-4 weeks.

• In folk medicine it is used as an antitoxic agent. Broths help with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, insomnia, liver dysfunction. Prescribed to overweight people.

• It is used in landscape design. It is planted in multi-level flower beds and flower beds. It is sown together with lawn grass on garden lawns.

• Hedgehog – winter type cereal. It is planted in the fields as a green manure. Accelerates crop rotation.

• The plant is a productive honey plant. It is sown together with meadow clover near apiaries. Honey has a floral aroma and a spicy aftertaste.

Common hedgehog is an unpretentious valuable crop used as green manure. Grown in meadows for grazing farm animals, mowed for hay and silage.

Possesses medicinal properties, is used in folk medicine.


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