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Mustard 2kg

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White mustard is a herbaceous plant with a deep root system and a lush green part, which reaches a height of 80 centimeters. During the flowering period, the brushes, collected in 25-100 pieces, are covered with bright yellow flowers of a small size with a honey smell. White mustard fruits are long, xiphoid pods with five or six seeds. The ripe pod is covered with fine fibers and is not prone to cracking. Very light seeds (1000 seeds weigh no more than 5 grams) are spherical and pale yellow in color. The most important function of this culture is considered to be fertilization and soil disinfection. The roots of the plant contain rare organic acids that interact with the soil, which makes it easier to assimilate and activate the effect of various organic and mineral supplements. Also, the roots contain certain substances that have a powerful phytosanitary effect. Root secretions prevent the accumulation of pathogens such as late blight, rhizoctonia, scab and fusarium rot. After growing white mustard on the site, the risk of contamination of potatoes and other vegetable crops with the above diseases is significantly reduced. Due to its rapid growth and quick ripening times, mustard actively suppresses the development of weeds, which also protects vegetables and grain crops from the development of many diseases and the appearance of pests. Positive results have also been noted in the fight against such pests as wireworm and other harmful insects. Autumn digging of mustard leads to their death, due to the violation of comfortable wintering conditions. White mustard is actively used as a green manure. In a short time, she is able to develop a sufficient amount of greenery, which is used as an organic fertilizer. This culture is a tremendous source of valuable micronutrients. Moreover, the rapid decomposition process and the optimal ratio of nitrogen, carbon and coarse fiber have a positive effect on the development of a culture that is subjected to mustard feeding. Mustard is also grown by those gardeners whose plots are located on slopes, which leads to wind or water erosion of the soil. This culture significantly helps to reduce, and sometimes completely prevent the development of these processes. Mustard saves especially after the main harvest, when the soil is not protected by anything


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