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Mixture “S-1” (For non-irrigated soils). Price for 1 kg

6.93 Br

You can buy this product only more than 1 ton.

Packages – 25 kg.

The mixture is early maturing, winter-hardy, for universal use (grazing and haymaking). The grass stand withstands 4-6 (up to 7) grazing per season, haymaking – 5-6 times per season. It guarantees herbal feed of high energy and nutritional value.


Seeding rate: 50-65 kg / ha.

25% Lolium perenne
17% Lolium multiflorum
16% Phleum pretense
15% Festuca arundinacea
14% Trifolium pratense
8% Lotus corniculatus
5% Trifolium pink or hybridum


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