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Feed the lawn 3kg

15.90 Br

“Feed the Lawn” is a special product with a long lasting effect. The product contains gradually released nitrogen (N), which supports the growth and intensity of the emergence of grass shoots, enriched with magnesium (Mg) and a number of trace elements. Application in the summer improves the condition of the lawn and increases resistance to stress.
This product is intended for balanced nutrition of all types of lawns for almost the entire growing season. The high content of potassium (K) contributes to an increase in the resistance of the grass cover to diseases, winter frosts and lack of water. Application period: from April to mid-November.
Feed the Lawn is produced using the most modern technologies and is environmentally friendly. Uniform dosage throughout the growing season provides the lawn with a flawless appearance, good condition, resistance to stress in summer and winter.

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Composition: N (12%), K (12%), P (12%), MgO (7%)

Application procedure: the application must be planned after mowing and subsequent aeration of the lawn. Aeration (piercing the lawn with a pitchfork or aeration bast shoes) is the saturation of the turf with oxygen and improvement of the physical properties of the soil, which will then allow the “Feed the Lawn” agent, applied evenly over the entire area, as well as water and air, to better reach the root system. After application, it is recommended to water the lawn abundantly.
Apply the “Feed the Lawn” product in calm and dry weather.
Apply in different directions: first along, then across, then at an angle, etc.
The recommended consumption rate is 3.5 kg per 100 m / sq.


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