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ANTI-MOSS Autumn is a special product designed for all types of lawns and designed for use at the end of the growing season. The high content of potassium (K) helps to increase the resistance of grasses to diseases, damage from winter frosts and lack of water, while it inhibits the growth and appearance of moss on the lawn. The content of iron (Fe) in a selected dosage effectively destroys the formed moss and prevents its subsequent appearance. Regular dosage ensures that the grass grows flawlessly without moss.

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Composition: N (7%), K (17%), Fe (4.5%)

How to use: before using the product, it is necessary to scarify (scratch) the lawn. For this, it is better to use a rake with frequent teeth. After scarification, moss and dry grass should be removed from the lawn. Next, you need to aerate the area. Effective aeration means saturating the turf with oxygen and improving the physical properties of the soil. Aeration will allow Antimox Autumn, applied evenly over the entire damaged area, as well as water and air, to better reach the root system and contributes to the most even distribution of nutrients. Finally, it is necessary to water the lawn abundantly.
Apply ANTI-MOSS Autumn in calm and dry weather.
Apply in different directions: first along, then across, then at an angle, etc..
The recommended consumption of this product is 4 kg per 100 m2.


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