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“Shade-tolerant” 1kg

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This mixture includes the most shade-resistant types of herbs. Grows well on loose soils. This composition needs regular and frequent watering. The components of this mixture are selected from slowly growing varieties of herbs, in this regard, the formation of the green cover is very extended. If you need to quickly get a green lawn, it is advisable to add annual ryegrass during sowing, which has a fast emergence rate. This will give the lawn a shapely appearance. Annual ryegrass dies after a few months, and by this time the emergence of slowly growing components will form a young lawn in time.

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Seeding rate: 20-30 g / m2

Festuca ovina 20%
Poa pratensis 30%
Festuca rubra 30%
Agrostis capillaris 10%
Festuca rubra rubra 10%

All about lawns

Lawn (from the French gazon — turf, grass) — a plot of land with an artificially created cover of herbaceous plants; grass cover created by sowing seeds of specially selected herbs; often serves as a background for decorative plantings and park structures; can be an independent element of landscape composition. In northern latitudes, meadow bluegrass is most often used to create a lawn. Specially planted flower beds (flowers) and shrubs are also considered a lawn.


Lawns with short-cropped grass became a symbol of luxury in Europe in the XVIII century and by the 1800s had gained similar popularity in America. Since the middle of the XIX century, a large spread of lawn has found its place in Eastern Europe, in Belarus and in the Russian Federation. The grass was sown in reserved empty areas around the buildings of the estates, where it was planned to expand the extensions of the building or build new auxiliary buildings nearby to avoid dust, insects or pollen from plants on the reserved uncultivated land. Rich landowners have demonstrated with such lawns the potential for building expansion, as well as the fact that they can afford to hire other people to take care of land used for non-serious purposes, for example, for games, celebrations or sports grounds. By the middle of the XX century, lawn mowers and pesticides had become widespread, currently a private house with a lawn is becoming a symbol of success for people with an average income. Currently, parterre lawns (turf grass lawns in the original) in the USA, in Europe, in Belarus and in the Russian Federation are considered a generally accepted element of the urban and suburban landscape, despite the costs and environmental problems associated with their support.

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