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Vicia sativa 2kg

9.98 Br


Spring vetch (sowing) is one of the most important forage crops. It gives green mass with a high protein content and has good technological properties, which allows it to be used for harvesting fodder for the winter.

100 kg of green mass collected during the flowering phase contains 16.5-20 feed units and 4-4.5 kg of digestible protein. 100 kg of hay contains 45.8 feed units and 6.8-12.3 kg of digestible protein. 100 kg of grain contains 116 feed units and 22 kg of digestible protein.

For fodder purposes, seeds, chaff and spring vetch straw are used. 1 feed unit corresponds to the content of digestible protein: in hay – 295 g, in green mass – 274 g, in grain – 196 g, in straw – 100 g.

In the green mass of post-cut and stubble crops, the protein content is higher. For example, the protein content in the green mass of spring vetch when sowing in spring was 17.6%, and when sowing after harvest it was 22.3%.

Post-harvest and post-harvest crops help to clear the fields from weeds, reduce or prevent the action of water or wind erosion, and enrich the soil with organic matter and nitrogen.

It has a bitter taste due to the alkaloids vicin and vicinin contained in it, therefore, in its pure form, it is not very well eaten by animals. This is one of the reasons why it is cultivated in a mixture with other well-eaten crops, usually cereals. Such mixtures are usually more productive.

Spring vetch and its mixtures with other crops are of great agrotechnical importance. In the forest-steppe zone, it is the most widespread fallow crop and serves as a good predecessor for cereals and other crops in crop rotations. Often plays the role of an insurance crop in years unfavorable for overwintering of perennial leguminous grasses. To replenish the forage areas of fallen crops, they are often sown with vetch-oat mixture. Together with the root and crop residues of spring vetch, 40-50 kg / ha of nitrogen enter the soil.


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