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Spring rape 2kg

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Brassica Napus – has been cultivated in the fields for a long time. However, over the past 20 years, the demand for the plant has increased dramatically. What was the reason for this excitement? The fact is that the culture is of great value not only as a raw material for further processing, but also as a green manure. Below, it will be described in details what Brassica Napus is, how to grow it, what are the features of its use as a green manure. The use of Brassica Napus seed as a green manure began quite a long time ago. When growing a crop, the gardener receives a crop for further processing, which has a beneficial effect on the soil. The plant is resistant to most diseases, so it does not cause serious problems when growing. As a green manure, Brassica Napus is sown in the ground in March or mid-April. The plant reliably retains moisture in the soil, fixes the soil layer with rhizomes, and stimulates aeration, water exchange in the ground. The essential oil, which the culture contains, relieves the earth from pests, diseases, and also improves the mineral composition of the soil. Soil enrichment also occurs due to the fact that the roots of nutrients from the lower soil layers enter the upper ones. As a green manure the plant is not grown for a long time. After the appearance of large sprouts, it can be mowed, and the remaining “hemp” can be treated with EM-liquid. Thanks to the work of bacteria and microorganisms, high-quality humus is formed from the remains of rapeseed in the garden in a few days. When growing spring rape as a green manure, you need to know several of its features and subtleties of cultivation. The culture is not sown near plants from the Cruciferous family, to which it itself belongs. Recommended for planting before cereals. The predecessors can be legumes, barley, wheat. Brassica Napus is not picky about the land. It is grown everywhere, although it grows faster on podzolic, loamy, drained soils. It is a good honey plant. To increase the efficiency of green manure, it is sown in combination with other plants. For Brassica Napus, good “neighbors” can be: oil radish, mustard, vetch.


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