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Timothy grass 2kg

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Timothy grass is a perennial forage crop that belongs to the family of cereals. At the moment, it is actively grown on the territory of both the Republic of Belarus and Russia. The peculiarity of this herb is that it grows in almost any area. And as soon as the first snow begins to melt, the first shoots of Arzhan appear. This herb is native to Europe and Asia Minor. And also it can often be seen in other extratropical regions. This is where the meadow timothy grows. This culture has another purpose as well. Due to its bright green color, this plant is often used for landscaping areas. Only usually it is not taken in pure form, but added to the mixture for lawns. This grass looks good in parks or busy highways. It is good to plant large areas with a seedling, but such a plant is not suitable for small lawns with a short haircut. Since it does not tolerate this particular haircut option. It is best not to plant timothy next to the house. Since during pollination, a lot of pollen is produced from the plant, which can cause allergies in both humans, especially young children and animals. This culture is also widely used in folk medicine. With its help you can make various decoctions and tinctures. For example the root of this plant can be used to treat toothaches. To do this a fresh root should be applied to the inflamed area.


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