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Perennial ryegrass 1kg

6.95 Br


Perennial ryegrass is a herbaceous flowering plant. Perhaps the main advantage of this cereal grass lies in its amazing ability to form a very beautiful dense herbage already a month after sowing. Peasant ryegrass all over the world is widely used in agriculture as a valuable forage (grazing) plant. It is also used for decorative purposes due to its bright green color. Ryegrass is added to all types of turf mixtures for both sports and decorative surfaces. This plant with a powerful root system has a height of up to seventy centimeters (usually from fifteen centimeters to half a meter). Pasture ryegrass has both vegetative and generative shoots, which makes it different from other types of chaff, which are characterized only by generative shoots. After mowing, the plant grows evenly and quickly, while maintaining its decorative appearance until the end of autumn and leaving green under the snow. The grass used as a fodder crop is characterized by a rather high digestibility, it contains a lot of soluble sugars, so it is perfectly silage without the addition of preservatives. Perennial ryegrass and clover form a very successful grass mixture that fully satisfies the protein needs of livestock. Another advantage of the plant is its fast tillering, which makes it possible to start grazing early on its herbage.


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