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Annual ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) 1kg

5.04 Br

Lolium multiflorum Lam. var. westerwoldicum Wittm.


Annual ryegrass is a valuable forage grass. It provides a good quality green food that is readily eaten by animals, and is also a good food for poultry. 100 kg of green mass contains 20 feed units and 2.1 kg of digestible protein. Ryegrass hay is not inferior in nutritional value to hay from Sudanese grass, mogar and other cereals. 100 kg contains 46 feed units and 3.2 kg of digestible protein. Ryegrass straw is also well eaten by animals. Annual ryegrass is an excellent cover crop for pasture tinning. In a mixture with perennial grasses, it is used in a greenhouse-greenhouse economy to quickly obtain sod land. Its agrotechnical significance is also great. Leaving a large amount of root and crop residues in the soil, which decompose very slowly due to late withering away, ryegrass accumulates a large amount of humus, thereby increasing soil fertility. It is a valuable precursor for cereals and industrial crops.


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