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Reed fescue 1kg

11.58 Br


Reed fescue is an ornamental herb from the family of cereals. It forms dense spherical sods, similar to hummocks with a shock of thin, hair-like leaves of various shades. The plant prefers cool regions, therefore it is widespread in temperate and colder climates, as well as in mountainous elevations. Some varieties are actively used in landscape design. Also, the plant serves as a fodder crop, which is sown on whole pastures. Few people know that lawns that delight us with their green freshness, in addition to their aesthetic appearance, are also extremely useful for humans. Spreading out like a carpet in parks, on playgrounds, near various architectural buildings and on personal plots, it is lawns that protect us from city noise, dust, harmful bacteria, and have a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state. Thanks to such a grassy covering, the air is humidified, sidewalks and buildings are protected from overheating in the heat, the soil is not afraid of erosion and weeds. Therefore, if you decide to plant a lawn in your summer cottage or in the yard of your house, you will definitely not go wrong. However, it should be remembered that first you need to determine the purpose of your future lawn, since not all grass is suitable, for example, for a sports playground. An important advantage that cane fescue has over other herbs is a well-developed root system. It is thanks to the short but branched rhizomes that on hot and dry days the grass remains juicy and bright green, while other lawns turn yellow and dry. In addition, this herb is unpretentious to the soil and quickly adapts to its changes. Reed fescue grows equally well in both salty and fertile soil, as well as strongly or slightly acidic. In addition, this grass is winter-hardy, and it is not afraid of melt water. Reed fescue is highly resistant to fungi and diseases. It should be noted that this lawn grass grows well both in the sun and in the shade, therefore it is an excellent option for parks, squares, gardens. Resistant to frequent mowing and trampling, fescue retains its decorative appearance and rich color.


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