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Meadow fescue 1kg

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Meadow fescue is a perennial plant, it can reach a height of up to 100 cm.Its stem is erect, with small vegetative shoots, covered with rare narrow leaves, the width of which rarely exceeds 0.5 cm, and the length can reach 30 cm. The toothed tongue is rather short, and the color of the leaf blade is mainly bright green with a slight sheen on the underside. The root system is quite powerful, most of it is located in the surface layer of the soil, but individual roots go very deep into the ground – up to one and a half meters. Meadow fescue blooms in June. During this period, panicles become spreading, and spike-shaped inflorescences appear on them, having an oblong shape and a green color with a purple tint. They consist of 3-10 flowers and are about 1.5 cm long. The plant ripens in early July, forming caryopses. Meadow fescue is irreplaceable as a fodder plant. It is one of the most valuable crops that make up hay and pasture mixtures, and is also indispensable for raising livestock. Its nutritional value and feeding qualities are significantly superior to the common timothy. Hay, of which a large proportion is fescue, is of very high quality. It contains up to 10% protein, 30% fiber and substances without a nitrogenous structure up to 44%. Less commonly, meadow fescue is used for decorative gardening. As a lawn grass, this is not the best option, since the shoots grow at some distance from each other, which makes it difficult to create a continuous cover. In landscape design, this plant is successfully used in herbal mixtures. The decisive factor in preventing any slopes from erosion and keeping them stable is the right landscaping mix. Meadow fescue plays an important role here. But a more coherent and stronger sod is obtained when red fescue and meadow bluegrass are sown with it. These are widespread types of perennial grasses that thrive on a wide variety of soil types. They are unpretentious and resistant to both severe frosts and prolonged drought. Powerful rhizome allows to form a strong coherent turf on the lawn.


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