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Medicago sativa (ALFALFA) 1кг

19.20 Br

Medicago sativa (Alfalfa seeded) – beautiful honey plant. Under favorable weather conditions, honey yield reaches: in areas of irrigation agriculture – 300 kg per hectare of crops, without irrigation – 25-30 kg. The nectar is colorless and contains up to 50% sugar. Liquid alfalfa honey is transparent or golden yellow, immediately after pumping it crystallizes to the state of thick cream.


The stems are four-sided, naked or pubescent, strongly branching at the top, up to 80 cm in height, can be straight, bushy or lying.

Rhizome powerful, thick, deep-lying.

Leaves on the internode Leaves 1-2 cm long and 0.3-1 cm wide, oblong -obovata, whole.

flower stalks are axillary, longer than the leaves. The brush is head, bushy dense, multiflorous, 2-3 cm long. The flowers are blue-purple. Calyx 0.5-0.6 cm long tubular – funnel, hairy.

Fruit – bean, about 0.6 cm across.


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