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Festulolium 1kg

6.95 Br

In landscape design and landscaping of household plots, culture is used mainly for landscaping empty areas, slopes of artificial and natural embankments. Festulolium is often planted around gazebos and swimming pools. The plant is often used to form a green border between garden areas.


Festulolium is a relatively new and unfamiliar culture for most people engaged in agriculture or with personal plots. Its origin is easily deciphered by the name itself: Festuca – fescue and Lolium – ryegrass. Thus, festuloliums are a promising group of intergeneric hybrids obtained by hybridizing various species of fescue and ryegrass. Hybridization of the genera Festuca and Lolium makes it possible to obtain forms that combine high resistance to adverse external conditions and productivity, characteristic of fescue, and high quality feed, characteristic of ryegrass. The hybrid better than fescue withstood frequent mowing (in the experiment, up to 6 mows per season). With multi-cutting use, it formed taller grass stands, was distinguished by a more intense green color. On average, for 3 years of use, Yaroslav’s fescue-ryegrass hybrid was at the same level as Western reed fescue in terms of yield, but gave a better quality feed, which contained more protein, sugars, carotene and less fiber. The digestibility of the green mass of the hybrid was 1.15 times higher than the digestibility of fescue. Therefore, in terms of the yield of metabolizable energy (70-85 GJ / ha) and fodder units (6100-6600 c.u./ha), festulolium was superior to fescue.


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