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The enterprise has an operating production facility for cleaning and processing seeds of cereals, legumes and oilseeds, which includes following equipment:

– a universal grain and seed cleaning machine MUZ-16-06, improved by our specialists with a grading unit BT-7/2, which has an increased degree of cleaning and sorting of seeds, which allows to isolate difficult-to-separate weed seeds and impurities from seed mixtures that cannot be separated during processing standard equipment;

– for fine grain cleaning – complex of machines of the German manufacturer “Petkus” is used: the K531 Gigant grain cleaning machine, the Selektra K218 grass seed cleaning machine, the K553 trier three-row block and the K310A clover grater.

You can contact our manager  for clarification of any details and for preparation of an individual commercial proposal.


+375(29) 527-28-97
+375(162) 43-23-48
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