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About company

ALC “Berkut” (hereinafter – the Enterprise) was founded in 1992.
Since 1998, the main activities of the enterprise were organization of tolling, procurement and export of cereal seeds.
Since 2001, we have begun to import seeds of herbs, legumes and vegetables to provide for the farms of our republic. This direction is very specific and always required great efforts and labor to ensure control over the quality of both imported and exported products.
For a certain time, when exported products were refined in farms by themselves did not allow them achieving the required quality due to the lack of modern equipment for processing of seed material. This greatly affected the reputation of our enterprise.
Cleaning seeds of small-seeded agricultural crops has a number of features that make it much more difficult to bring these materials to sowing conditions and to entail significant losses of seeds of the main crop.
From 2008 to 2015 we had to carry out each harvested batch through additional revision, resorting to services of different enterprises for revision, which directly increased the cost of the finished product.
Since 2015 the main task for our company has been to organize our own production of cleaning and finalizing the harvested products. In one year the task was completed and in 2016 a new line for cleaning and processing seeds of cereals, legumes and oilseeds was launched.

Were acquired:
• Universal grain cleaning machine MUZ-16-06
• Trier block BT-7/2
• Petkus K531 GIANT – 2 pcs.
• Petkus Selektra brand K218 – 2 pcs.
• Tray three-row block of the K553 brand
• Clover grater of the K310A brand
• Screw conveyor – 5 pcs.
• Bucket elevators feeding to a height of 8 m – 3 pcs.
• Forklift truck CPCD15 M300

The organization of this production allowed us to:
• achieve higher quality of final products
• provide the need for seed material of many agricultural producers
• increase the volume of exported products to Russian Federation and to European countries
• provide a service for the completion of seed material to any
agricultural producer, which is an additional source of income
• workout and introduce a technology for manufacturing of any feed grass mixtures for creation of artificial pastures, hayfields, as well as lawn grass mixtures, packed in branded large packaging of our own enterprise.
The recipe for the composition of the grass mixtures was developed by the technologists of the enterprise. It is also possible to manufacture any formulations according to the individual customer’s request.

Mentioned above business of our company is organized on rented premises with an area of 2500 m / sq. At the same time in 2016 on auction held by the Brest City Executive Committee, the right to lease a 0.7 hectare site in the industrial zone of Brest was acquired for the construction of an “Industrial and warehouse base” for this type of activity.
In July 2019 the design and estimate documentation for the construction of the above facility passed the state examination:
–  two-story administrative building with an area of 317.7 m / sq,
– packing shop with an area of 529.5 m / sq,
– a production workshop for the processing of raw materials with an area of 353 m / sq,
– warehouses with an area of 1178 m / sq and 630 m / sq.
As of 12/01/2020 we have built boxes of the above structures and it will be completed in several months. This level of work has been achieved by our company at its own expense.
At the beginning of 2019 we have set a goal for ourselves of forming equipment and packaging for organizing the production of lawn grass mixtures in small packaging for retail sale to the population through large industrial chain stores (Materik, OMA, Garden Centers) throughout our country and beyond.
We have already passed the Republican registration of technical specifications for the production of the above items.
In addition, our company has developed special lawn care products and passed the TU registration for this type of goods.

The above nomenclature is combined into one line under the 7Trav corporate logo and contains following product lines:
– “Premium Line” (4 items)
– “EcoLine” (9 items)
– “EcoMix” (9 items)
– “EcoPlus” (9 items)
– “EcoMaxi” (9 items)
– “EcoMono” 0.5 kg (9 items)
– “EcoMono” 1 kg (5 items)
– “EcoMono” 2 kg (2 items)
– “EcoSiderates” (4 items)
– “Lawn care products” (5 items)

To implement the above task, we purchased the following equipment:
• Z-shaped infeed conveyor TZ-2PPs
• Vertical packing machine FM-LS 110-30 RH
• Filling machine – Triapex
• Thermal transfer printer – TOSHIBA B-EX6T3,300dpi
• Rewinder RW140
• FM-LS 110-30 RH automatic label applicator
• Two-flow weighing batcher for bulk – 100
Packing material:
• Cardboard boxes “Premium Lines” and “Eco Lines”
• Paper Eco Plus packages
• Paper bags “Eco Maxi”
• PP film for “Eco Mix”
• PP film for “Eco Mono”
• PP film for “Eco Mono”
• PP film for “Eco Siderata”
• Buckets for lawn care products
• Covers for buckets
• Super packaging for transportation

The growth in agricultural production is currently inextricably linked with the problem of increasing productivity of agricultural crops. The fact is that an increase in acreage with a lack of funds is impossible due to the lack of a sufficient number of agricultural machinery.
In this regard at the end of 2016 our enterprise introduced the principle of cooperation with farms under Contracting agreements.
The advantage of such an agreement in the interests of farms is that the Procurer considers the possibility of his participation in the following:

• full or partial provision of funds for pre-treatment of sown plots;
• allocation of previously agreed seed material to the farm;
• allocation of funds for the organization of crops;
• provision of protective equipment;
• allocation of funds for the purchase and application of chemical and organic fertilizers;
• by agreement of the parties, the allocation of funds for the repair of agricultural machinery;
• the allocation of funds for the organization of the harvesting of testicles.
The main obligation of the farm under the contract is to organize the drying of the harvested raw materials.
Upon the readiness of raw materials, our company organizes the export of raw materials for revision by its own transport and at its own expense.
The main condition of such an agreement is that our company redeems all finished goods at market prices in force at the time of the conclusion of the agreement and this is stipulated in the agreement at the time of its signing.