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Our company also works under the terms of the concluded Contracting, which is a kind of a sale and purchase agreement, an agreement that regulates relations related to the purchase of agricultural products grown or produced by them from agricultural organizations and farms. In accordance with this agreement, the seller – producer of agricultural products undertakes to transfer the agricultural products grown or produced by him to the ownership of the buyer – procurer who purchases such products for further processing or sale.

In this regard, at the end of 2016, our enterprise introduced the principle of cooperation with many farms in different regions of our republic under Contractation agreements. The advantage of such an agreement in interests of farms which the Procurer considers the possibility of his participation in the following:

• full or partial provision of means for pre-treatment of sown plots;

• allocation of previously agreed seed material to the farm;

• allocation of funds for the organization of crops;

• provision of protective equipment;

• allocation of funds for the purchase and application of chemical and organic fertilizers;

• allocation, by agreement of the parties, funds for the repair of agricultural machinery;

• the allocation of funds for the organization of the harvesting of testes;

• provision of container packaging for packing raw materials;

• organization of timely export of raw materials and delivery to the processing point by our own transport and at our own expense. The main obligation of the farm under the contract is to organize the drying of the harvested raw materials.

The main condition of such an agreement is that our company redeems all finished goods at market prices in force at the time of the conclusion of the agreement, and this is stipulated in the agreement at the time of its signing.

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