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Clover is the most valuable fodder grass

Meadow clover (red) it is one of the most valuable forage grasses. In terms of the nutritional value of hay, it is almost as good as alfalfa. The plant is widely used for green fodder, for harvesting hay, haylage and silage. After harvesting the seeds, the straw goes to feed. Nitrogen accumulating in the roots remains in the soil after plowing, which helps to increase the fertility of the fields. It is widely cultivated as a forage plant. An antifungal substance, trifolirizine, has been isolated from the roots.
Salads are prepared from the leaves, they are seasoned with green cabbage soup, botvinya. In the past, dry crushed leaves were added to flour when baking rye bread, and also used for making sauces and in the production of cheeses. In the Caucasus, young unopened flower heads are fermented like cabbage and added to green salads.
Clover essential oil is used in aromatic compositions.
A valuable honey plant, but nectar is available only to bees with a long proboscis, so the honey productivity is only 6 kg of honey per hectare of crops. Honey belongs to the best varieties, it is not candied for a long time.